GobelenGlavSnab Tapestry Factory, Moscow

Decorative wall hangings or tapestries were woven on special frames in Ancient Egypt, but the process of creating them with machines in factories was originated only in the 17th century in France. This product is considered a sign of wealth and luxury element in the interior. Today tapestries is wonderful alternative to the carpets, they are luxurious blankets, pillow cases, curtains, furniture covers, tablecloths, fabric painting, murals, tapestry rolls, draperies, pillows and more!

Today, high-quality tapestries are the best decoration of houses, hotels, offices and apartments. They are always in demand by consumers and are extremely popular. If your goal is to buy exquisite tapestry fabric that can be the perfect complement of any interior, you can select them in the catalog. The Moscow GobelenGlavSnab Tapestry Factory makes a huge range of products in various subjects: "Africa", "East", children's tapestry, "Animals", "Birds", "Still Life", "Landscapes", "Flowers", story and religious tapestries, including exclusive upholstery fabrics.

What are the advantages and benefits customers can expect in The GobelenGlavSnab Tapestry Factory? First of all, it is a reasonable price, luxury products of the highest quality, guaranteed low cost delivery and the possibility of replacing the goods.

Please see the catalog of products, you can get an idea of the product and price. Tapestry which we produce is the best option for the purchase by customers from Moscow.